Dragon Fruit Package - Golden Pitaya, Red Flesh, Purple Skin & White Flesh Pitaya - 35 Succulent Fruit Seeds - RARE

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The ultimate Dragon Fruit / Pitaya Package comprising 4 varieties of Dragon fruit seeds including the very rare Golden Pitaya.

 Purple Skin Dragon Fruit / Pitaya "Bloody Mary" - Hylocereus polyrhizus - 10 seeds

Red Flesh Pitaya "Red Jaina"- Hylocereus polyrhizus - 10 seeds

White Flesh Pitaya / Dragon Fruit - "L.A Woman" - Hylocereus undatus - 10 seeds

Golden Pitaya - Selenicereus Megalanthus / Hylocereus megalanthus - 5 Seeds


You are buying a bulk pack comprising each of the listed varieties. Please note that due to the scarcity of the Golden Pitaya that this pack contains 5 seeds. Each variety is individually packed and labled.

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