10 Great Flowers To Plant In Spring!


These annuals come in almost every shade of the rainbow from bright yellow to deep crimson. They don’t mind a little cold, so they provide amazing bursts of colour early in the season. Pansies don’t like heat, so they tend to fade once summer arrives. Some varieties may even revive in autumn! Best planted where they will get at least 6 hours a day sunlight. They are ideal for planting in the garden, hanging baskets, balcony boxes or direct ion the garden. We offer single colour pansies to mixed colours. A great choice is the Pansy clear crystal mix (pictured below).

Fairy Primrose

A long-time favourite, these miniature floral bouquets are signs of spring. Excellent for bedding, edging and containers, they are especially effective with spring blooming bulbs. Many long-blooming, large-flowered varieties are available which provide instant colour in late winter through spring. Most are short-lived perennials. They attract butterflies. Easy to grow in partial shade, and moist, humus-rich soil. Try Lavender or White (Pictured below) in your spring garden this season.


Alyssum are vigorous plants with a spreading mound growth habit. The plant has green foliage and large, fragrant flowers. They  grow up to 25cm high and spread to 35cm wide. We have various varieties in white like Snow CrystalsSnow Cloth and Carpet of snow and the violet Royal Carpet and if you can't decide which colour you would like why not go with the mixed colours (pictured below).

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are available in many colours and mixes and in dwarf or tall mixes. A lovely addition to any garden they produce masses of sweetly fragrant, blooms. They have  a long flowering period and are ideal in beds, borders and containers. An easy plant to grow, Try Bijou (pictured below) or the whimsical Cupid Mix which are dwarf mixes or try mammoth mix which are taller and are great climbers.


A beautiful annual which blooms throughout a long summer season. It produces large solid heads of bright rich colours on dwarf bushy plants. Admirable for filling out summer beds sowing in drifts etc, and the flowers are splendid for cutting. Autumn sown plants make fine spring flowering pot plants for the cool greenhouse. Flowers early summer to autumn. Phlox Beauty mix pictured below is a great choice for a burst of colour.

Papaver Paeoni Double Mix

Whether as single plants or massed displays the luscious flowers and blue-grey foliage will be a definite highlight of your garden. Abundant, fully double flowers in black, pink, purple, scarlet, white & yellow. This Poppy is extremely easy to grow. Sow direct in early spring for mid to late summer blooming. Grows to 90cm high.


We have the most stunning range of Zinnias this season from single coloured flowers in dwarf, tall and cactus varieties to some simply stunning mixes. Nothing says summer as much as beautiful blooming Zinnias. A must have to your collection is the beautiful candy stripe zinnia pictured below.

Forget Me Not (Myosotis)

Forget me Not - Myosotis is a stunning blue flowered variety. Easy to grow it produces exception results in south African conditions. An ideal addition to the spring / summer flower bed.


Sunflowers scream summer! Ideally planted at the back of your flower bed against a wall they give you great height and massive flowers. We have tall sunflowersdwarf sunflowersred sunflowers and common organic sunflowers. Please keep in mind that variances will occur in sunflowers as they are open pollinated so a bee visiting a sunflower on one side of your garden and then visiting another sunflower can cause a cross pollinated sunflower. This is especially important to note when mentioning our most popular sunflower - the red sun sunflower (pictured below). Whilst most of your red sun sunflowers will bloom a deep red it is common that you will get yellow or variants of yellow in the mix. Sorry folks but this is nature!



Carnation Giant Chabaud (pictured below) is an annual variety with fragrant blossoms. A winter through to summer plant, it flowers after 6 months, and loves our south African sun.

About the Author

Grant Muller is an avid gardener with over 30 years experience having grown a wide variety of plants from seed with a special emphasis on growing your own fresh food. Grants' ethos is that growing your own should be a natural part of life and should encompass the whole family. Grant also has a special interest in growing chillies, succulents, ornamentals and trees.