Lets Get Vertical Gardening!

It is very exciting to think a wall or any vertical space you have can be covered by plants, indoor or outdoor! Outside, everybody has that garden wall that needs to be covered, that needs some sprucing up or you have that wall space in your house that needs that something special that will impress your visitors.

As the climate is changing and farming is getting more and more difficult and food produced globally is getting less it is imperative that we find alternative ways of growing our own food, using space that is normally seen as not being suitable, but as part of the concrete jungle!

If growing herbs or vegetables is not your passion, and your wall space is on the outside then you can always lighten your carbon footprint by planting succulents or seasonal flowers to attract bees.

You can create this by using the Garden HighPro Geotextile Fabric Vertical Grow Bag that you can hang by the holes already inserted in the material. It is produced in 3 sizes to suit the space that you have available. The pockets range from 4,8 to 12.  The bags are waterproof on the backside and will let water through in the front that will drip down to the next plant if its is given more than enough water.

Balcony pots can also be used, for example the Classic Terracotta Plastic Rectangular Pot that can create an effect of plants that are cascading down.

If you have at least 6 hours of sunlight inside, you can decorate an office space or hang it by your kitchen to have herbs in reach when you are cooking, and the inspiration hits you! The best is to hand water that you can control the moisture in the bags.

The best soil for your bags would be Dirty Hands Inc Jamies Omega Mix Craft Soil 30 L, it has fertilizer and nutrients in the soil for your plants for 3-6 months.

The best plants to grow for vegetables is spinach, kale, lettuce, microgreens, and for herbs you can grow basil, parsley, coriander and much more. For aesthetically pleasing spaces for example offices, coffee shops you can use indoor plants or ferns.

The bags are low in maintenance and is easy to plant into! So please look now around your space, at the office, at your home or in your garden if there is a space suitable so you can also get more vertical!

About the Author

Adele Siemssen is the Seeds for Africa Operations supervisor.  Adele is a qualified horticulturist with 30 years of hands on experience and loves pets and assisting customers to make their garden dreams come true!