Great Choices for your South African Winter Vegetable Garden!

Irrespective of where you are there are some vegetables that you can count on every winter that withstand the cooler temperatures and even frost. These are all great choices for an Autumn planting for an abundant winter vegetable garden. Browse through our top 17 winter veggies and choose your favourites!

1 - Beetroot - Whilst beetroot grows well during warm weather, the seedlings are established better under cool, wet conditions. See all our beetroot seeds at this link.

2 - Broccoli - Thrives in cold temperatures and have been known to cope with temperatures as low as minus 2 degrees! See all our broccoli seeds at this link.

3 - Brussel Sprouts - Can withstand frost but the best quality brussel sprouts are produced when temperatures are slightly warmer with light night time frosts. See all our brussel sprout seeds at this link.


4 - Cabbage - A firm winter favourite and can withstand heavier frosts surviving at temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees celsius. See all our cabbage seeds at this link.

5 - Carrots - Thrive at cold temperatures of as low as minus 10 degrees celsius however it should be noted that extended cold periods can produce long pale carrots. See all our carrot seeds at this link.

6 - Cauliflower - A firm winter favourite that copes with low temperatures and light frost. See all our cauliflower seeds at this link.

7 - Collards - An uncommon vegetable in the South African context but a great winter grower that every winter veggie garden shouldn't be without. Extremely frost hardy and taste is not affected by heavy frosts. See all our collard seeds at this link.

8 - Celery - Tolerates light frost and best not to be sown in areas that have extended periods of heavy frost. See all our celery seeds at this link.

9 - Spring Onions - Hardy and will cope with frost and suitable to be planted throughout SA. See all our bunching / spring onion seeds at this link.

10 - Lettuce - Can be prone to frost damage but frost damaged leaves can be cut off and discarded and the plant will continue to grow. Loose leaf varieties are the easiest to grow so should be considered first for your winter veggie garden and are great as you can just harvest the leaves you need and let the plant carry on growing till you need more! See all our lettuce seeds at this link.

11 - Kale - The "Super Green" that is all the rage is frost hardy and easy to grow. See all our kale seeds at this link.

12 - Leeks - Cold tolerant and a must have winter veggie if you love spending time in the kitchen making casseroles, stews and heart warming soups! See all our leek seeds at this link.

13 - Mustard Greens - Frost hardy and a great addition to the winter veggie garden. See all our mustard green seeds at this link.

14 - Parsnips - Thrive at low temperatures and are said to get sweeter with the benefit of a light frost.  See all our parsnip seeds at this link.

15 - Radishes - So versatile and so quick to grow. Especially great if you have children as they are one of the most rewarding plants to grow for kids. See all our radish seeds at this link.

16 - Spinach / Swiss Chard - Fairly cold tolerant but a relatively slow grower in winter till spring arrives and they explode! See all our Spinach / Swiss Chard seeds at this link.

17 - Turnips - Copes well in a winter garden and a must have for the chefs amongst us as is indispensable in a soup and can even be used in a hearty potjie!  See all our turnip seeds at this link.

About the Author

Grant Muller is an avid gardener with over 30 years experience having grown a wide variety of plants from seed with a special emphasis on growing your own fresh food. Grants' ethos is that growing your own should be a natural part of life and should encompass the whole family. Grant also has a special interest in growing succulents, ornamentals and trees.