Germinating from a Newbie’s perspective!

Exploring the world of growing something from seed for the very first time is more rewarding than one would think. You have planted and cared for something that was dormant and brought it back to life, in a sense. As a novice and a person who has never grown anything from seed before, this is my experience.

For my very first-time germination experiment, I had chosen Hypoestes Phyllostachya – (Splash Mix and Confetti Compact Mix) also known as the Polka Dot Plant (Pictured below). The reason for my choice was simple: It is a beautiful plant. Versatile as a house plant or as an annual outside cover or filler. Hypoestes have small dark green leaves with splashes of colour; pink, white and red (depending on the variety).


Germination process and products

For germinating, I used Jiffy Peat Pellets and followed the growing guidance supplied when you buy seeds. This I soaked in a little bit of water for a while and watched them swell. Once they resemble something at least three times bigger than what you started with, you may then begin sowing your seeds. I placed two seeds in each Jiffy Pellet, covered them and watered them a lot. These little fellows are very thirsty!  Armed with my water spray bottle, I made sure the pellets and seeds were properly watered. I then placed them in small propagator and placed them in a space with lots of bright light, but not in direct sunlight. As simple as that!

Germination Success!

Admittedly, I was hopeful but sceptical as to whether they would germinate, as every other houseplant I had ever owned in the past did not last very long…I hope they rest in peace. Imagine my awe and excitement when, by day five, I began to see tiny little green heads popping out of the pellets.  By day seven they had all germinated and I was absolutely elated!


This is an extremely rewarding experience indeed and I would highly recommend it. There are so many amazing choices in the horticultural world.  You could grow whatever you like! Truly!  If I could do it, anyone can!

I will continue to document and share the growing process with you.  This has been such a rewarding experience!

About the Author

Lee Palmer is the Seeds for Africa Bookeeper. Lee loves beautiful plants but until prodded into growing some she has kept well away from getting her hands dirty with growing anything. This post will be followed up by further posts by Lee as we try to get her to share our love for everything plants and growing!