Gardening With Your Kids!

Gardening with your kids can be the most incredible, most challenging but most rewarding experience that could put them on a path to be a future farmer, botanist, herbalist the sky is literally the limit. The feeling inside the soul is an important factor that every child should experience of growing a plant themselves.

With the times changing and food sources getting scarce and organic produce getting more and more important, its is vital for you as a parent or caregiver to take the opportunity to teach and show your child all the possibilities that growing something yourself, can mean for them, they might not realize it now, but it will stay in their minds forever! 

At Seeds for Africa, we have what you need to get started from sowing in open ground, to growing microgreens in a tray or just in a small pot or buying a kit to assist you in your gardening experience!

We have a lovely Sunflower Growkit for kids that will make the process very easy and provide you with sunflower seeds and Jiffy Peat Pellets and Jiffy Bio-degradable Pots to sow them in. That is a smaller easy project that the younger kids will love and provides them with wonderful sunflowers.

The microgreen kit is a perfect way of growing something inside for kids to experience the germination process and to see the  little plants’ first leaves! It will provide any kitchen with lush freshness. It can then be harvested for a garnish or used in dishes and will give the kids a feeling of contribution to the dishes. The kit provides you with seeds, a tray, a medium to grow in and growing instructions that will provide a lot of fun.

Sowing into pots or in the open ground will have the kids outside enjoying the fresh air and be out of your hair.  Seeds for Africa sells the seed starter craft soil to use in any container for excellent germination and an abundance of seed packets from bulk vegetable seeds to smaller packets of vegetable and herbs seeds for quick results for our young impatient growers!

You can also allocate a small area in your garden and sow vegetable, herb and flower seeds in open ground. Just prepare the soil with some Freedoms Farms Craft Soil Formula 1 and make sure that it is a sunny area in your garden and that the little ones assist with keeping the soil moist while germinating the seeds afterwards moderate water fun is needed.

For a totally different experience buy a Seed Sprouter and some sprouting seeds like mung beans, alfalfa, green lentils and much much more to use in salads and dishes ….to sprout your family’s own wholesome goodness in front of their eyes, you will be their hero!!!

About the Author

Adele Siemssen is the Seeds for Africa Operations supervisor.  Adele is a qualified horticulturist with 30 years of hands on experience and loves pets and assisting customers to make their garden dreams come true!