35 great choices to grow Bonsai from seed

I’ve found this article so difficult to put together because so many trees make great bonsai (in fact hundreds if not thousands of plants are suitable for bonsai training) and it’s not just trees that make great bonsai. Vines, succulents, shrubs, roses and even chilli plants have been grown as bonsai. But before I start my list I’ll address a commonly asked question. 

Are bonsai seeds of a particular species a different seed to that of a fully grown tree? No they are the same seed. You can either choose to grow it into a full size tree or train it as a bonsai. 

Let’s also remember that each seed has different growing requirements which include but are not limited to seed pre-treatment such as stratifying, scarifying, putting the seeds in boiling water and cold treatment for extended periods of time. And once you’ve done your pretreatment you’ll need to sow the seeds in the growing medium with watering that is most suitable to that variety. The great news is that whilst this sounds complicated we’ve simplified the process as whenever you order from us you’ll receive an email with pdf files for every species purchased detailing the best method to plant your seeds. And we have a permanent database of thousands of plants which is 100% free to access of growing guidance for all the seeds we stock in our resource center so you can download them at any time you want.

We also sell a complete range of bonsai pots / containers, growing mediums, seed starting supplies, tools and essential supplies like mesh and bonsai soil for established trees. We also offer The Little Book of Bonsai - a great book for the beginner bonsai enthusiast. And lets not forget the massive range of seeds that can be found at this link. 

For the beginner or established grower we have put together the Premium Bonsai seed collection which comprises of 16 of the most popular bonsai varieties. Each variety is individually packed and labeled and detailed growing guidance for each species together with a free bonsai e0book will be emailed to you.

So let’s get into the exciting part! These are my picks in no particular order for the best bonsai trees to grow from seeds. And the great news is that all these seeds are available online from seeds for Africa.

17) Spekboom - Portulacaria afra - Southern Africa (Succulent - Seeds not available as they are easier to grow from cuttings that root quickly)


And finally please do keep in mind that these seeds are seasonal so it is unlikely that we will have stock of all of them year round. If the item you want is out of stock, click on the in stock reminder on the product page, leave your email address and we will get back to you as soon as the seeds are available.

About the Author

Grant Muller is an avid gardener with over 30 years experience having grown a wide variety of plants from seed with a special emphasis on growing your own fresh food. Grants' ethos is that growing your own should be a natural part of life and should encompass the whole family. Grant also has a special interest in growing succulents, ornamentals and trees.