Chesnok Red Garlic - Shveliski Garlic - Heirloom Garlic

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Chesnok Red is a purple stripe garlic. Chesnok Red is listed in the Seeds of Diversity Canada catalogue of heritage varieties.

Harvest Time

Late harvest


Schvelisi, Achakiche Province, in southern Republic of Georgia.

Flavour and Uses

Chesnok Red has a clear bold flavour and a colourful eye-catching bulb. Excellent baked or roasted.

Appearance and size

Averages 8-12 cloves, per bulb, that are slender and well formed with striking purple streaks. Similar in size to a medium sized Artichoke clove, though more regal in appearance. The plant structure itself is a bit smaller than the porcelains and Marbled Purple Stripes.

Harvest and Storage

Late emergence and late harvest. Watch for the tell-tale sign of browning in the lower leaves. Stores 5 to 6 months under the right storage conditions.


Best Planted in rows 30cm apart with 20cm between rows. The coverage that can be expected would be :

10 Cloves – 1m2

100 Cloves – 10m2

1000 Cloves – 100m2


Garlic is available to pre-order. The cloves will be ready to ship from the end of January in time for the ideal planting season. Should you order Garlic and add any other items to your order the entire order will be shipped together when the garlic is available for shipping.

Important to note

The Garlic being sold has been grown and harvested in the Western Cape and is direct from the farmer. The garlic is not imported. The varieties are acclimatized to South African conditions.

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