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  1. Savoy Cabbage - Brassica Oleracea - 50 Seeds


    Our most famous cabbage - The Savoy! Savoyed leaves are sweet, crinkled and tender. Large, crisp heads with excellent mild flavour. Cabbage has a short stem and is best enjoyed late summer.
  2. Baby Green Pandion Cabbage - Brassica Oleracea v Capita - 20 Seeds


    Produces small 250gm to 300gm round green cabbage heads with a fine texture. Native to the mediterranean regions.
  3. Cape Spitz Cabbage - Brassica Oleracea - 100 Seeds


    " A cabbage variety that produces bright green, sweet tasting conical cabbages. Flourishes in the summer through Autumn in sunny to semi sunny conditions. Harvest at 3 to 4 months. "
  4. Red Acre Cabbage - Brassica Oleracea - 20 Seeds


    A red cabbage that is a favourite with home picklers. Whilst slower to mature then their green cousins they are reliable and have incredibly dense heads. This variety originates from the Mediterranean.
  5. Red Jewel Cabbage - F1 Hybrid - Brassica oleracea - 20 Seeds


    Cabbage 'Red Jewel' is one of the best round red cabbages available and will certainly add a bright splash of colour to your plate. This delicious red cabbage produces large, tightly packed hearts with crisp, ruby red leaves . This...
  6. All Seasons Cabbage - ORGANIC - Heirloom Vegetable - 100 Seeds


        All Seasons dates back to 1886. A good mid-season cabbage for those regions with a moderate to warm summer. All seasons cabbage is heat resistant and resistant to yellows. Plants are 30-35cm high and 75-90cm wide. All Seasons...
  7. Chinese Cabbage - Sprouting / Microgreen Seeds

    from R45.00

      Used as sprouts Chinese cabbage sprouts are high in vitamin A and C, minerals and when exposed to light are high in chlorophyll. These Chinese Cabbage sprout seeds even taste like Chinese Cabbage and are excellent when chopped up...
  8. Baby Red Primero Cabbage - Brassica Oleracea v Capita - 10 Seeds


    Early, compact and productive variety is good for small spaces. Produces perfectly round, dark red heads with sweet flavour. 72 days to maturity; 0.9-1.4 kg's in size.
  9. Giant Drumhead Cabbage - Brassica Oleracea - Vegetable - 25 Seeds


      A variety that produces Giant 3kg heads.Grow year round in the full sun. In areas where frost occurs, those months should be avoided.  
  10. Chichilli Chinese Cabbage - Brassica Pekinensis - Vegetable - 50 Seeds


      A member of the cabbage family and known sometimes as bok choy. The leaves are succulent, white stems with dark green leaves. An essential in Chinese and Cantonese cooking. It is high yielding and quick maturing and has leaves...
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