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There are 50 species in this genus, of which nine occur in South Africa. The genus name is derived from the Greek xeros, meaning dry, and phytos, meaning plant, referring to the ability of the genus to withstand desiccation. The Latin word retinervis means with a network of veins. Xerophyta viscosa is a fascinating plant with blackened stems in the winter months but totally transformed in the early summer when covered with masses of pink flowers. The species is well adapted to survive extreme conditions such as drought, fires, and very cold temperatures. Extensive traditional uses include medicinal, magical and household. Xerophyta viscosa is a deciduous perennial up to 1.8 m high. White to mauve scented flowers are borne in groups on slender stems in spring and early summer.

USDA Zone - 9/10

Season to Sow - Autumn / Spring

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