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Tuscan is a Turban hardneck variety. Originating from Tuscany in Italy.

Harvest Time

Early harvest.


Tuscany, Italy.

Flavour and Uses

A medium hot garlic with a robust flavour, perfect in your Italian dishes

Appearance and size

Purple and white pinstriped bulb skins that turn dappled towards the basal plate. 

Harvest and Storage

Turbans will be a good producer in most climates.Turbans are early to harvest. 6-8 cloves per bulb. Stores 6 to 7 months.


Best Planted in rows 30cm apart with 20cm between rows. The coverage that can be expected would be :

10 Cloves – 1m2

100 Cloves – 10m2

1000 Cloves – 100m2

Garlic is available to order now for delivery from Tuesday 22 January 2019. Please note that garlic is being sold in heads as opposed to cloves as the garlic is better stored in heads and produces stronger plants with better yields when broken into cloves just before planting. Listed below you will see the number of heads and approximate cloves (seeds) per head.

Cloves (Seeds) per head - Approximately 8-10

Available in packs of :

2 heads - Approximately 18 cloves(seeds)

12 heads - Approximately 100 cloves(seeds)

120 heads - Approximately 1000 cloves(seeds)

Pricing on larger quantities is available on request.

Each pack contains small to large heads.

Important to note

The Garlic being sold has been grown and harvested in South Africa and is direct from the farmer. The garlic is not imported. The varieties are acclimatized to South African conditions.

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