Totem Red Tomato - Container Cherry Tomatoes - Lycopersicon Esculentum - 5 Seeds

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Tomato “F1 Totem” has an upright habit that is perfectly suited for a patio container. However, this is no mere ornamental, Totem is a high yielding bush tomato covered in medium-sized red fruit. This dwarf stocky bush variety is both early and heavy yielding, with large trusses of crimson tomatoes produced low down on the stem. From one plant you will be able to harvest several kilos of tomatoes with a delectable flavour. Easy to cultivate, the plants germinate in ten days and reach maturity in 75 days. It is important to remove the side branches from the plants, feed regularly and keep the roots supplied with moisture. It requires no side shooting or pinching, but may need staking when full of fruit. With a garden height or around 60cm, Tomato Totem one of the best varieties for growing in pots, tubs, windowboxes, growbags and in the garden. It is ideal for small gardens or a terrace, although this must be south-facing as tomatoes require plenty of warmth.

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