Spindle / Bottle Palm - Hyophorbe verschaffeltii - Exotic Palm Tree - 10 Seeds

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Hyophorbe verschaffeltii, the Palmiste Marron, or Spindle Palm is a species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family. Spindle Palms are elegant looking palms that are prized for landscape palms in the tropical and semi-tropical areas of the world. They are fairly short palms with 8-10 leaves that are held somewhat erect. Spindle palms have a crownshaft that becomes a light grey-green as the palm ages. Horn-like flower spikes emerge from below the crownshaft on mature specimens. Spindle palms are fairly cold intolerant. They are defoliated at 32F (0C) and may be killed at anything below that. If the palm does survive a freeze, the next few emerging leaves are stunted. Spindle palms grow in the USA only in south Florida and in isolated favoured microclimates in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area and the Cape Canaveral area of central Florida. They do make good container plants that can be protected from a freeze.Spindle Palms are endemic to Rodrigues island, Mauritius. It is threatened by habitat loss. There are only fifty or so specimens left in the wild, although its survival as a species is guaranteed due to ubiquitous cultivation in tropical areas of the planet.


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