Small Leaved Fig - Ficus Obliqua - Deciduous Tree / Bonsai - 20 Seeds

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Ficus obliqua, the small-leafed fig occurs naturally in Queensland and northern New South Wales, where it is a large spreading tree to some 25 metres in height and width. In cultivation it does not normally exceed 15 metres. This species has elliptical leaves in a glossy mid-green to some 6 cm, small for a fig and giving it its common name. The fruits are smallish in a bright yellow carried prominently on short stems. In the wild this species more normally grows as a strangler. With its glossy small leaves, attractive fruit and a trunk that develops a knotted, gnarled form, it males an excellent bonsai subject or potted indoor plant. Despite the habit of strangler figs in the wild, they can be grown as free-standing plants in cultivation. Ficus.watkinsiana is too large for a normal suburban garden but while small is a useful and interesting indoor or potted plant that makes an interesting bonsai subject. Despite its sub-tropical origin, it will grow successfully in temperate areas. It is adaptable to a range of soils and appreciates adequate moisture.

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