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Rose de Lautrec is a Creole variety. There is a region in France near Toulouse called Lautrec which is famous for its pink garlic. The French are extremely proud of their Rose de Lautrec and has a harvest festival in Lautrec specifically for this garlic every year.

Harvest Time

Early to Mid season.


Lautrec, France.

Flavour and Uses

Rose de Lautrec has a unique flavour, it has a modest amount of pungency, perhaps 3 or 4 on a scale of 10, so it is a warm garlic but not a hot one. It’s flavour is what separates it from the others. It has a deep sort of muskiness but with an influence of Dijon mustard or a hint of horseradish. Good for all cooking.

Appearance and size

White outer wrappers and beautiful rosy cloves. It likes a lot of sun and does very well in the warmer regions. 

Harvest and Storage

It is Early to Mid-season harvest. And stores well.


Best Planted in rows 30cm apart with 20cm between rows. The coverage that can be expected would be :

10 Cloves – 1m2

100 Cloves – 10m2

1000 Cloves – 100m2

Garlic is sold out for the season. New season stock will be available from December 2017.

Important to note

The Garlic being sold has been grown and harvested in the Western Cape and is direct from the farmer. The garlic is not imported. The varieties are acclimatized to South African conditions.

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