Purple Salsify - Oyster Plant - Heirloom Vegetable - 20 Seeds

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Salsify is an old-fashioned heritage root crop. This Mediterranean winter vegetable has a delicate taste, ever so slightly sweet, some say slightly reminiscent of oysters – so much so that “oyster plant” is one of its common names. Although primarily a root crop, the young shoots called ‘chards’, flower buds, and flowering shoots can also be eaten. A biennial plant, salsify is grown as an annual and harvested in its first year. The leaves look like a clump of grass and the root is about the size of a large carrot, bumpy like a parsnip with beige skin. When cultivated for a few years, salsify will produce stalks that bear purple flowers. Salsify’s grass-like tops are slightly sweet and tender enough to be eaten in salads, the roots of the plant are dug up and cooked as you would parsnips.

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