Pumpkin on a Stick - Asian Heirloom Ornamental Eggplant - Solanum integrifolium - 5 Seeds

Seeds for Africa




Take a look at this plant. Take a look at the fruit. If you had not seen the name at the top of the page, could you guess what it is? Observing the fruit, most people guess it is a strange variety of pumpkin. That's why it's often called Pumpkin on a Stick or a Pumpkin Tree. Others, speculate that it may be a foreign tomato. Few people guess what botanists call it..... Ornamental Eggplant (Solanum Integrifolium). The plant and fruit looks like no Eggplant that anyone has ever seen....unless you live in Asia, that is. This novel plant is native to Southeast Asia. It will grow quickly to three to four feet tall. Very large leaves grow from a purple, thorny stem. Be careful of the thorns, when working with the plant. Very easy to grow and great in Asian Stir fries!

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