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Ficus rubiginosa, the rusty fig, Port Jackson fig, or little-leaf fig, is a species of flowering plant in the family Moraceae that is native to eastern Australia. Ficus rubiginosa forms a spreading densely shading tree when mature, and may reach 30 m (98 ft) in height, although it rarely exceeds 10 m. The trunk is buttressed and can reach 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) in diameter, and the bark is yellow-brown. It closely resembles its relative the Moreton Bay fig (F. macrophylla). In tropical and humid climates, the lower branches of the Port Jackson Fig may form aerial roots which strike root upon reaching to the ground, forming secondary root systems. This process is known as banyaning after the banyan tree of which it is a characteristic. Despite the size of the leaves, it is popular for bonsai work as it is extremely forgiving to work with and hard to kill; the leaves reduce readily by leaf-pruning in early summer. It has been described as the best tree for a beginner to work with. Ficus rubiginosa is also suited for use as a houseplant in low, medium or brightly lit indoor spaces.

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