Peppadue Sweet Red Cherry Pepper - Capsicum baccatum v pendullum - 10 Seeds

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Due to trade mark restrictions on the brand "Peppadew", we cannot market or sell any pepper seeds as Peppadews. Lets say this is pretty similar.

The flesh of this pepper is quite thick, with a fruity, spicy flavour, that is crisp and very mild, making them delicous roasting peppers, for even the most sensitive pallets. They are perfect for stir-fry's, stuffing with cheeses, pickling, pizza topping, and so much more. 

It's not a fussy plant to grow either. As long as it gets full sun, enough water, and some fertiliser, it will bear a mass of tasty mild peppers that start ripening in late summer through autumn.

It is a perrennial, reaching a height of around 1.3m, grows erect, and bushy to 0.7m wide.

Seeds are mildly hot.


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