New Zealand Tea Tree / White Manuka - Leptsopermum Scoparium - Bonsai / Tree / Shrub - 10 Seeds

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Attractive New Zealand shrub called the "Tea Plant" by Captain Cook because of the agreeably aromatic tea his men made from the leaves. It is a prolific scrub-type tree and is often one of the first species to regenerate on cleared land. It is typically a shrub growing to 2–5 m tall, but can grow into a moderately sized tree, up to 15 m or so in height. It is evergreen, with dense branching and small leaves 7–20 mm long and 2–6 mm broad, with a short spine tip. The flowers are white, occasionally pink, 8–15 mm in diameter, with five petals. Makes a great bonsai specimen.

USDA Zone - 10

Season to Sow - Spring

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