Musa acuminata Dwarf Form - Tropical Wild Banana / Ornamental - Fruit - 5 Seeds

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Musa acuminata is a species of banana native to Southeast Asia. Musa acuminata is an evergreen perennial, not a tree. The trunk (known as the pseudostem) is made of tightly packed layers of leaf sheaths emerging from completely or partially buried corms. The inflorescence grows horizontally or obliquely from the trunk. The individual flowers are white to yellowish-white in colour and are negatively geotropic (that is, growing upwards and away from the ground). Both male and female flowers are present in a single inflorescence. Female flowers are located near the base (and develop into fruit), and the male flowers located at the tipmost top-shaped bud in between leathery bracts. The fruit borne are edible and the plant has a tropical appearance. This dwarf variety makes a great houseplant but do keep in mind that they can also reach up to 2m in height and as they are fast growing it will ultimately need to be planted outdoors.

USDA Zone - 12

Season to Sow - Spring