Melasphaerula Ramosa - Indigenous South African Bulb - 10 Seeds

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Melasphaerula is a cormous genus in the Iridaceae family with just one species, Melasphaerula ramosa. The name refers to the cormlets that form around the bell-shaped flat based corm. This species has erect, sword-shaped leaves, often with a purple midrib. Many small creamy white to pale yellow flowers are produced on a branched slender stem. This plant is widespread in the winter rainfall region of southern Africa, occurring from southern Namibia to the Agulhas Peninsula where it is found in sheltered shady places, often on cooler south or east facing hillsides.

Growing to 35cm with a branched inflorescence and many small greenish-cream flowers in spring.

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Autumn


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