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A Porcelain garlic originally collected from Belarus. Grows well in cold or mild winter areas. Leningrad is so beautiful it could only have been designed by an artist. It has thick white luxuriant bulb wrappers which peel away to reveal beautiful beige purple clove covers with elongated tips almost like a Purple Stripe garlic.

Harvest Time

Late season


Belarus, approximately 600 km south of Leningrad.

Flavour and Uses

Leningrad is a hot garlic variety and even with all its eye appeal, it is the taste of Leningrad that you remember. Its flavour starts off mild and becomes very strong and robust and sticks around for a long time. Leningrad is a real starter on both taste and pungency. Cloves are easy to peel.  They work well for any dish that calls for assertive garlic flavour.

Appearance and size

From a grower's perspective, it is a tall dark green plant and is a very good survivor, usually grows healthy and appears to be somewhat resistant to many of the diseases that can affect garlic. Leningrad can get quite large in good growing conditions. On average 4 – 6 cloves per bulb.

Harvest and Storage

Harvest late season. Porcelains set larger bulbs when their scapes are removed. Porcelains are a good storing garlic. Expect 8-9 months storage.


Best Planted in rows 30cm apart with 20cm between rows. The coverage that can be expected would be :

10 Cloves – 1m2

100 Cloves – 10m2

1000 Cloves – 100m2

Garlic is sold out for the season. New season stock will be available from December 2017.

Important to note

The Garlic being sold has been grown and harvested in the Western Cape and is direct from the farmer. The garlic is not imported. The varieties are acclimatized to South African conditions.

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