Hadeco Bulb Food - 1kg - With Slow Release Nitrogen

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Hadeco Flower Bulb Food with slow release Nitrogen .

Hadeco Bulb Food with essential nutrients has been specially formulated by leading Dutch Flower Bulb growers.

It promotes the development of strong roots for vigorous foliage and abundant flowers.

Its composition makes it an ideal food for all blooming plants including annuals and perennials.

Dosage and Directions

Simply sprinkle lightly over soil and water or work into top layer of soil.

The contents of a 1kg tub may be used over an area of approximately 20m².

Apply immediately after planting and then at monthly intervals throughout the growing season.

Always water in.

For best results apply during the cool of the day. 

 This sale is for 1 pack of 1kg Hadeco Bulb Food.

Please note that this product is only available for delivery to customers within South Africa.



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