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Seeds for Africa


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Growing Paper is a range of quality handmade paper products. Environmentally friendly it is made using post-consumer (recycled) paper. Paper is processed into pulp by only adding  water. Handmade sheets are produced which are air dried.  The paper is embedded with either flower or herb seeds and will grow when planted and watered. The entire production process is eco-friendly. Growing paper is 100% South African and employs people from the local community.

There are three variants of seed mixes in the paper.

Mixed flowers: Alyssum and Poppies.

Indigenous flowers: Mixed Mesembryanthemum (Vygies) and Dimorphotheca (African Daisy)

Herbs: Basil and Wild Rocket

Item – Single Gift Card

Size – 6.5cm x 8cm

Item Specifics – Gift string in natural fibre attached.

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