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Seeds for Africa



A gourmet Spicy Gift Box bought to you be Seeds for Africa in conjunction with Chillies for Africa.

The gift box contains : 500ml Theonista chai latte concentrate, Barrett's Ridge artisan chilli & garlic beer bread kit, Chaloner sundried tomato tapenade, Black Mamba basil & cayenne pesto, Chilli Lingo madras sauce, Ukuva iAfrica hot rocks smoked chilli salt grinder, 10 grams Chinese bullet chilli powder, 10 grams Naga bhut jolokia powder, 5 of the worlds hottest chilli the Carolina Reaper chilli seeds for growing and 5 Jiffy 7 peat pellets for growing the seeds.

Free shipping via courier to your door is included in the price.

Only available for purchase in South Africa

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