Eucomis autumnalis - Sentinnel Peak - Pineapple Lily - Indigenous South African Bulb - 10 Seeds

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Eucomis is a southern African genus in the Hyacinthaceae family. The name is derived from the Greek word Eukomos, meaning "Beautifully Haired". Plants are commonly known as Pineapple lilies because in many of the species the blooms resemble a pineapple. They often have an unpleasant scent since they are pollinated by flies. Most of the species are found in the summer rainfall areas of South Africa, some at higher elevations. In cultivation they have proved to be hardy to frost, especially if planted deeply or protected during their dormancy by snow. They are best grown in the shade and given regular water during growth. This is especially true of plants grown in sun as otherwise the leaves will become limp.

Handsome, striking, unique, peculiar, these are the kind of words that are used to describe this unusual plant. Eucomis autumnalis is a deciduous, summer growing bulb. The bulbs are large (8-10cm diameter), ovoid in shape, and give rise to a rosette of large, broad, soft-textured, fleshy, wavy-edged leaves, about 12-35 cm long x 60-75 cm wide. The inflorescence is a dense cylindrical raceme on a stout stalk, crowded with up to ±125 starry yellowish-green flowers with a tuft of leaf-like bracts at the tip. The inflorescence pushes the overall height of the plant up to ±50-60 cm. After pollination. Flowers are produced in mid to late summer (December to February). After pollination, whilst the seeds are developing inside the swelling ovaries, the flowers turn green and the inflorescence remains decorative into autumn. The fruit is a trilocular capsule containing shiny black rounded seeds.

USDA Zone - 7

Season to sow - Spring


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