Erica Taxifolia - Indigenous South African Heath Shrub - 10 Seeds

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Erica the heaths or heathers, is a genus of approximately 860 species of flowering plants in the family Ericaceae.The English common names "heath" and "heather" are shared by some closely related genera of similar appearance. Most of the species are small shrubs from 0.2-1.5 m high, though some are taller. All are evergreen, with minute needle-like leaves 215 mm long. Flowers are sometimes axillary, and sometimes in terminal umbels or spikes, and are usually outward or downward facing. Flowers are borne in mass, and the plants are grown as landscape or garden plants for their floral effect. The seeds are very small, and in some species may persist in the soil for decades. At least 660 of the species are endemic to South Africa, and these are often called the Cape heaths, forming the largest genus in the fynbos. The remaining species are native to other parts of Africa, Madagascar, the Mediterranean region, and Europe.

Simply Stunning and growing to 0.5m, umbels of pink urn-shaped flowers with long sepals, Summer-Autumn, cut flower. Sow Autumn

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Autumn


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