Eragrostris Wind Dancer - Eragrostris elliotii - Ornamental Grass - 10 Seeds

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The blue-green blades and extra tall grassy floral plumes lend 'Wind Dancer' a particularly attractive, hazy look in summer. This lovely perennial bunch grass is native to the southeastern United States and islands of the upper Caribbean where it inhabits coastal lands and dry prairies. Elliott's lovegrass produces relatively low, clumps of wiry, blue-green blades in tones of silvery gray. It blooms sporadically through the year but tends to flower the heaviest in autumn. Scores of stems arise topped with fine, airy flowers that form light beige seedheads after pollination. The flowers are easily tussled in the breeze and lend a light look to the garden. Full to partial sun and well-drained, average soil are required for best growth. It naturally grows on sandy soils and is quite tolerant of both drought and moist soil conditions. As with most grasses, the previous year’s foliage should be pruned back each spring before new growth appears. The finely textured foliage of Elliott's lovegrass is most spectacular when planted in airy sweeps and especially becoming against a backdrop of ornamentals with large, bold leaves. Plants self-sow but not aggressively. 

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