Crocosmia paniculata - Aunt Eliza - Indigenous South African Bulb - 10 Seeds

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Crocosmia paniculata (Aunt Eliza) is a bulbous flowering plant that is native to eastern South Africa, growing in wet areas by streams, marshes, and drainages. Plants reach 4 to 5 ft (1.2-1.5 m) tall, with lanceolate leaves and deep orange to orange-brown flowers. It is a popular ornamental plant. The plant has escaped cultivation and become established in the wild in parts of the United Kingdom. The common name, Aunt Liza, is derived from the former generic name Antholyza. In the Kingdom of Lesotho, where it is native, the plant is used by the indigenous Sotho people as an antidiarrhoeal remedy, administered not only to humans, but also to cattle so afflicted.

USDA Zone - 7

Season to sow - Spring


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