Corporate Gifting Seeds - Acacia Karroo - Sweet Thorn Tree - Indigenous South African Tree

Seeds for Africa




Acacia Karoo is a medium sized indigenous tree that grows up to 12 m in height. Easy and rewarding to grow from seed.

Ideal as a corporate gift / give-away we can supply these seeds packed in our own bags (40mm x 60mm mini ziplock plastic bags) as per the below example

Or the seeds can be supplied in a bulk packet for you to pack into your own personalised envelope / sachet / container.

A meaningful number of seeds to plant would be 5 seeds.

Supplied in a bulk pack of 100 seeds or in a pack with 20 of our packs of 5 seeds.

Order as many as you need for the number of gifts / give-aways.

Cost per gift / give-away - From R4.70.


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