Bulbinella Punctulata - Indigenous South African Bulb - 10 Seeds

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Bulbinella is a genus of plant in the family Xanthorrhoeaceae, subfamily Asphodeloideae. Most species are endemic to South Africa, confined to the winter rainfall area with a few in New Zealand where they are most common in the central Otago region which enjoys a similar climate to the Cape Region of South Africa. They are characterised by the presence of a dense terminal raceme of flowers, often yellow but also white, pink, yellow or orange depending on the species. The plants may grow up to 1 metre in height and have narrow or thread like but never succulent leaves. The leaves decay into prominent fibres at the base of the stem, often netted or reticulate in appearance. They tend to overwinter and aestivate with wiry or swollen tubers.

Tall, long narrow leaves with yellow flowers in spring.

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Autumn


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