Albuca Decipiens - Indigenous South African Bulb - 10 Seeds

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Albuca is a genus of plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae. Most of the 100-140 species of bulbous plants in this genus are endemic to Southern Africa. Only a few are commonly cultivated, though many more species would be rewarding subjects, especially in pots, or in small gardens where their exotic appearance makes them useful as specimen plants. The flowers of some species are scented, especially at night. They are borne in racemes, usually slender, but flat-topped in some species. Florets may be on stiff, or slender, nodding stalks. In colour the flowers range from yellow to white, many species with a greenish or yellowish tinge. Most species also have a broad green, longitudinal band down the middle of each tepal. They have 6 tepals in a bell shape. The flowers generally have a characteristic shape resulting from the fact that the outer three tepals are free-standing and differ radically from the inner three that stand erect with thick, flap-like tips, effectively forming a fleshy tube. The fruiting capsule typically has many flattened or angular black seeds.

Growing to 80cm, erect white flowers with green keels in spring.

USDA Zone - 8

Season to Sow - Autumn


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