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Agave is a genus of monocots. The plants are perennial, but each rosette flowers once and then dies . Some species are known by the name century plant. Traditionally, it was circumscribed to be composed of about 166 species, but it is now usually understood to have about 208 species.

Agave parviflora is a species of succulent perennial flowering plant in the asparagus family, known by the common names Santa Cruz striped agave, smallflower century plant, and small-flower agave. It is native to Arizona in the United States and Sonora in Mexico. The specific epithet parviflora means "small-flowered". This agave produces a small rosette up to 25 cm (10 in) tall by 20 cm (8 in) wide. The succulent leaves are up to 20 cm (8 in) long and are a waxy dark green with white markings. The leaf margins have peeling fibers. The plant produces an inflorescence 1–2 m (3–7 ft)tall with cream or pale yellow flowers in summer. The flowers are pollinated by bees such as bumblebees. This species is the smallest agave in Arizona and is sought by collectors. For this reason the species has declined in its native habitat. There are only about two dozen natural populations in Arizona.

USDA Zone - 9

Season to sow - Spring


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