Tenderette Beans - ORGANIC - Heirloom Vegetable - 10 Seeds

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58 days from direct-sowing. Mild, very rich, and succulent, Tenderette lives up to its name in flavour and exceeds your expectations in yields. Over a long summer season, it bears many armloads of uniformly straight, attractive pods perfect for canning or eating fresh. This bush-form bean never needs staking, yet bears very abundantly on easy-to-harvest stems. The pods are straight, unblemished, and very consistent in size and shape, measuring about 14cm long. Packed with flavourful white seeds, they are delectable right off the plant, and store well if frozen or canned. Pick this crop all summer long. The 50cm tall plant is space-saving, and once the harvest is done, makes a fine addition to the compost pile or the tilled-under vegetable bed. Like all beans, it is a nitrogen fixer in the soil, improving the quality of future crops.

Seeds per pack - 10 Seeds

Country of Origin - USA

Certified Organic by - USDA


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