Acanthosicyos Naudinianus - Indigenous South African Creeper / Ground Cover - 10 Seeds

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Acanthosicyos naudinianus, known as the Gemsbok cucumber, is a perennial African melon with edible fruits and seeds. The plant is green, and the flowers are yellow. The fruit is edible, but eating it before it is ripe will cause a burning sensation in one's mouth. It is not poisonous, but it can be combined with the blood of the larva of the Diamphidia beetle to produce a poison which can be used to make poison arrows.

Prostrate trailing vine with parsnip-shaped tuber, prickly leaves with thorny appendages at base, decorative tan-coloured fruits with springy projections. Sow Spring.

USDA Zone - 9

Season to Sow - Spring


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