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Drosera is a genus in the Droseraceae family of carnivorous plants. Members of this family lure, capture and digest insects to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from their native soils. They are known as sundews because their glandular leaf hairs glisten like dew in the sun. Flowers are held far above the leaves on a long stem. They open in response to sun.

The plant grows to a height of 25 cm. The upper part of the plant is composed of carnivorous leaves while the lower part of the stem is covered with the dried remains of older leaves. The leaf arrangement on the stem is alternate. The petioles are 1.5-3 cm long and support 10-15 mm long and 7 mm wide obtuse to spatulate laminae. The root system is relatively undeveloped, serving mainly as an anchor and for water absorption, since nutrient uptake is achieved through carnivory. Drosera madagascariensis forms one or two slightly pubescent inflorescences which are 20-40 cm (8-16 in) tall and bear 4-12 flowers on 2-5 mm long peduncles. The sepals are ovate and slightly pubescent. The pink petals are obovate, 6-12 mm (0.25-0.5 in) long and 4-6 mm wide. The seed capsules are dehiscent and bear numerous seeds up to 0.6 mm long.

Please see our note on a growing medium that we suggest and sell for all carnivorous varieties.

USDA Zone - 9

Season to Sow - Spring

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