Drosera Indica - Green Form - Exotic Australian Carnivorous Sundew Plant - 5 Seeds

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Drosera is a genus in the Droseraceae family of carnivorous plants. Members of this family lure, capture and digest insects to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from their native soils. They are known as sundews because their glandular leaf hairs glisten like dew in the sun. Flowers are held far above the leaves on a long stem. They open in response to sun.

Drosera indica is an insectivorous plant, a sundew native to tropical countries throughout the world, from Australia and Asia to Africa, but absent from the neotropics. D. indica is an unbranched, annual herbaceous plant, supported by a fibrous root system and reaching a height of 5–50 cm (2–20 in). Leaves are narrowly linear, up to 10 cm [4 in] long with 1-1.5 cm [0.4-0.6 in] pedicels. Young plants stand upright, while older ones form scrambling stems with only the newest growth exhibiting an upright habit. The plant is green in colour. Flower petals can be white, pink, orange, or purple.

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