Drosera Burmannii Beerwah - Exotic Australian Carnivorous Sundew Plant - 5 Seeds

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Drosera is a genus in the Droseraceae family of carnivorous plants. Members of this family lure, capture and digest insects to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from their native soils. They are known as sundews because their glandular leaf hairs glisten like dew in the sun. Flowers are held far above the leaves on a long stem. They open in response to sun.

Drosera burmannii, the tropical sundew, is a small, compact species in the carnivorous plant genus Drosera. It normally spans only 2 cm (0.8 in) in diameter. It is one of the fastest trapping sundews as well, and its leaves can curl around an insect in only a few seconds, compared to the minutes or hours it takes other sundews to surround their prey. In nature, D. burmannii is an annual, but in cultivation, when grown indoors during the cold months, it can live for many years. Since D. burmannii is an annual, it produces large amounts of seed.

This is the mostly green variety from Beerwah in Queensland.

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